Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers From EP's Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis At ATX

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers From EP’s Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis At ATX

Written by Sandra Martinez   // June 9, 2013

once upon a timeOnce Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers From EP’s Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis At ATX

When season 2 ended on Once Upon a Time, it left many questions as to the direction season 3 was shaping up to be. At the screening and Q&A following it at the ATX Television Festival 2013, Executive Producers and co-creators of Once Upon a Time Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz gave us a few hints and clues to the happenings in season 3. Wet Paint provided some intel on what some of the questions and answers were revealed there. Many were wondering just where will they begin time wise in season 3.


Season 3 picks up right where we left off.

Adam revealed the third season “won’t skip ahead 10 years.” Oncers, you can expect Season 3 to start right where we left off, with the Jolly Roger sailing to Neverland to save Henry. However, Eddy said the “core dysfunctional family” won’t be separated forever.



And with Belle in charge of Storybrooke, Season 3 has many wondering if Storybrooke was going to be seen at all and if so, what will happen to the residents there now that the ‘Home Office’ knows of their existence?


 Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke…

Don’t worry Oncers, the folks left in Storybrooke, including Belle, will not be forgotten. In fact, Adam said the show will delve deeper into each of the characters back in Storybrooke and will examine how they’ll react to situations. Sounds interesting! The characters in Storybrooke have always been so dependent on the Charmings, so it will be interesting to see how the Storybrooke residents reacts to not having their fearless leaders to look up to. Perhaps this means someone new will step up to become the town’s protector?


And how about the way the whole season will be structured? Will all of it be Neverland in season three til the end? Or will this trip be resolved before the season 3 finale?



Season 3 will have two distinct acts.

Eddy and Adam also revealed how Season 3 is going to be thematically different from the two previous seasons in that there will be two separate, 11-episode acts — one in the fall and one in the spring. Therefore, they’re approaching Season 3 like two seasons, both containing a beginning, middle, end, and journey for these characters.

However, in order to make this happen, that means OUAT will most likely go off the air for 11 weeks after the fall season. Eddy and Adam gave a bit more intel about the hiatus. It looks like the first part of Season 3 will air September through December, and then it will come back in the spring for act two — 11 straight episodes.



What about Rumpelstiltskins struggle to stop himself from killing Henry do to the seers prediction?



Will Rumple still be out for Henry?

When the seer told Rumple that he needed to destroy Henry, we were immeditately worried for Henry’s safety! However, Eddy said, “He went [to Neverland] with a very focused attitude of saving Henry.”“At first he just wants to do the easy thing and the dark thing, and then once again he realizes he did the wrong thing and lost his son,” Adam added. When he was told Neal died in the Season 2 finale, he realized “it was time to do the right thing.” According to Eddy and Adam, he knows he has to go and honor his son by getting his grandson back.



How will Belle and Rumpelstiltskin get back together or should I say, WILL they be together again?



He[Rumpelstiltskin] had to leave his True Love Belle behind. “It’s going to be another challenge to [Rumbelle’s] relationship now that they’re separated,” said Eddy. “He left her behind to protect her.”



Are there any more magic beans left at all?



once upon a time



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once upon a time



once upon a time



once upon a time



once upon a time



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So there you have it! The scoop on season three of Once Upon a Time so far. Straight from the Q&A session at the 2013 ATX Television Festival.They answered some of my thought on how it’s going to proceed. Not all , but some. Sounds like they all had a great time in Austin! The panels there were outstanding and I hope they continue to do these so maybe I could go next year. They sure drew a lot of great writers, creators and producers, not to mention a few stars as well.And you can always count on these conventions to produce a few spoilers. Gotta love the spoilers!




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