Once Upon a Time Season 3 Neal Cassady Spoiler!

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Neal Cassady Spoiler!

Written by Vaughan Grey   // June 18, 2013

Michael Raymond James, once upon a time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Neal Cassady Spoiler!


As we all saw at the end of season two of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, many character were transported to Neverland via magic whirlpool. Of course, there are still some characters remaining, like Belle. But there were others who went to Fairyland, like Michael Raymond James‘ Neal Cassady. So, will Neal return next season. According to show runners Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis, absolutely! TV Guide recently had a question sent to them from viewer “Monica” about the whereabouts of Neal next season. The answer will please pretty much everyone who likes Once Upon a Time. OF course, we reported a while back that Michael Raymond James has been promoted to series regular, so if you missed that article, then this is news to you! Thankfully, unlike, Red Riding Hood, Neal will return next season. He has already told Emma Swan that he loves her, so they cannot get rid of him, less risk alienating the fan base. So glad to hear this since I enjoy seeing his character on the show and do not want Once Upon a Time to lose any characters. You can read the whole article here.


Read the TV Guide Spoiler About the Status of Michael Raymond James‘s Neal in Once Upon a Time Season 3!

Thanks for the Once Upon a Time scoop! Got anything on those left behind in Storybrooke or Neal? — Monica
How about both? “Fear not, the characters left behind in Storybrooke are not forgotten and what’s happening to them is important,” executive producer Adam Horowitz promises. “Hopefully all the story lines will coalesce in a way the audience will enjoy.” Among them is the fate of Neal, who landed back in fairy-tale land. Unfortunately, though, “Emma is on that ship believing Neal is dead and then there’s Neal, who just said, ‘I love you,’” executive producer Edward Kitsis laments. Anyone else thinking Emma may find solace in Hook’s, um, arms?


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