Once Upon a Time Has Been OFFICIALLY Renewed!

Once Upon a Time Has Been OFFICIALLY Renewed!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // May 10, 2013

once upon a timeOnce Upon a Time Has Been OFFICIALLY Renewed!


The word has finally come down from ABC and it’s official now, Once Upon a Time has been renewed for season 3! I don’t think there was really much doubt that it would be, but due to sagging ratings during season 2, it’s nice to get it in writing. And while the beginning of season 2 may have been a disappointment for some fans, I felt it was a necessary journey, as most of it dealt with character background.

Once Upon a Time’s Lana Parrilla Tweets the Date That Shooting Begins For Season 3

It was tweeted by Lana  Parrilla, Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen, a while back that they had a shooting schedule set to begin July 12th. But sometimes that is not even enough to ensure a renewal these days. I recall Gina Bellman of Leverage getting her Christmas present from TNT, saying what a great job she was doing and looking forward to more great work from her-a gift she received the same day she had gotten news that Leverage was cancelled!



So all you Oncers, Evil Regals, Swan Queens, Rumbelles and the rest of whatever we are-you did it! We are all set to enjoy yet another season of Once Upon a Time. Now, I wonder just WHERE we will be….


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