Once Upon a Time 3x01 Title Revealed!

Once Upon a Time 3×01 Title Revealed!

Written by Vaughan Grey   // July 3, 2013


Once Upon a Time 3×01 Title Revealed!


Well, I have some good news and bad news for all of you. You can thank Once Upon a Time producer Adam Horowitz for this update. Adam Horowtiz decided to release a Twit Pic of the cover page of the script of ABC’s Once Upon a  Time‘s Season 3 premiere 3×01. You can see this picture below. The title is 3×01  ”The Heart of the Truest Believer.” ABC still has not released their premiere dates and does not seem to be in any rush to do so. Filming begins in a little over a week in Vancouver. As most of us already know, most of the characters will start out in Neverland. Peter Pan still has not been cast yet. Well, actually it is possible that he has been and producers, including Adam Horowitz, will reveal the lucky actor at Comic Con in a few weeks in San Diego. We do know that they are currently casting for Rufio, who apparently has kind of a Game of Thrones-King Joffrey thing going on with being youthful and loving of playing games, but is also twisted and bent on destroying anyone who gets in his way. I cannot wait to see who gets that gig.


So, what does the title of Once Upon a Time 3×01 refer to? It could be Henry, who is being sought after so much. But it could be Peter Pan, or maybe another character. Is this Tamara and Greg’s mission, to deliver to Peter Pan Henry’s heart? Well, as Matt Webb Mitovich says in his TV Line article, “And what if instead they had showed up with the “truest Belieber?” Then all hell breaks loose?”  I kind of hope it ends up being really about someone else entirely different than what anyone expects.


See Adam Horowitz ‘s Twit Pic of ABC’s Once Upon a Time Season 3 Premiere 3×01 Script Cover Page!

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