How Many Episodes Will Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Be?

How Many Episodes Will Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Be?

Written by Vaughan Grey   // May 18, 2013

adam horowitz, once upon a time in wonderlandHow Many Episodes Will Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Be?


Yeah, that caterpillar creeps me out, too. That character is bound to be only one of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland‘s many charms. However, one thing about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland that has been less than charming is all of the changes ABC keeps making on the show’s presentation. First, we hear it might be a summer series while Once Upon a Time is on hiatus (not a bad idea), then we hear it will be a bridge show in the winter in between Once Upon a Time‘s 2 12 episode regular season runs (also not a bad idea), then the fall schedule is announced and, based on a 19-minute presentation that was filmed in April (only a month before the network upfronts), ABC decides to put Once Upon a Time in Wonderland on the fall schedule on Thursday evenings before Grey’s Anatomy. This sent shock waves through the internet (and this site). I mean, the pilot is not even finished! Sure that trailer is marvelous and ABC has the money to pull off not only this show, but also Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Any other network would never do something like this. So, did that mean that it will be a full-fledged series that will have the two 12 episode runs that almost every other ABC series will have in the 2013-2014 season? Apparently not. Recently, a fan tweeted that question to Once Upon a Time/Once Upon a Time in Wonderland showrunner Adam Horowitz at @AdamHorowitzLA. The answer might surprise you, or it may not considering all of the other last-minute chnages and second guessing ABC’s been doing lately.


Read What Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Showrunner Adam Horowitz Tweeted!

OnceUponATimeFans @OnceUponAFan 15h

@AdamHorowitzLA How many episodes of #OUATInWonderland have been ordered?

Adam Horowitz @AdamHorowitzLA 32m 

@OnceUponAFan 13


That’s right, only 13 episodes have been currently ordered by ABC. That is not unusual for a new series. There is no guarantee that OUaTi Wonderland will be an automatic hit, even though its trailer is almost as buzzy as S.H.I.E.L.D‘s on the internet. Even Entertainment Weekly had a great snap judgment on their assessment of the 2013 Upfronts,


Highest concept (literally): Once Upon in Wonderland. You see that trippy trailer? Might as well call it the Bong Hit Fairy Tale Hour.


Yes, we can also be thankful that Shelley Duvall is not involved in this fairy tale hour. ABC can always change its mind if the breakout ratings happen in the first month. We might be seeing a 22 or 23 episode first season, happily ever after all.


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