Emma Rigby To Play The Red Queen On Once Upon a Time In Wonderland

Emma Rigby To Play The Red Queen On Once Upon a Time In Wonderland

Written by Sandra Martinez   // May 18, 2013

ouatiw+emma rigbyEmma Rigby To Play The Red Queen On Once Upon a Time In Wonderland


British actress Emma Rigby has been cast as the evil Red Queen in the Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once Upon a Time In Wonderland. You can get a pretty good look at her in the Once Upon a Time In Wonderland first promo. She is stunning.


Emma Rigby is best known from her work in the British television soap opera Hollyoaks playing Hannah Ashworth , a part she landed at the age of 15. In ti, she portrayed a young girl suffering from anorexia. After the first episode aired exposing the problem, the station gave viewers a hotline to call if they or anybody they knew were needing help. The hotline received over 30,000, her performance was so moving and powerful. Before the role in Hollyoaks, she appeared in another popular soap, Brookside, as Elena Jones. In 2011 Rigby starred as Brandy Mulligan in online series Becoming Human and in 2012, she played Gemma Roscoe in Prisoners’ Wives.


Emma Rigby was born in St Helens, Merseyside UK and was a straight A student. Rigby was nominated for Best Actress on the British Soap Awards, and was also nominated for Most Popular Actress at the National Television Awards. At the age of 18, she won The British Soap Award for Best Actress. She has two films in post-production, Plastic, which has to do with credit card fraud, and another movie that sounds quite promising called The Physician. It stars Sir Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgård, who played Martin in the original Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (I have seen both-the US and the Swedish versions and trust me, the original is even better than the US. You can find it on Netflix and other sites as well in both subtitles and English dubbed formats. Skarsgård was brilliant.) She is given 4th billing, which puts her in very good company indeed. And Emma has just this week signed on to do the upcoming remake of Endless Love.


She became the ambassador for  ’Step into Justice’, a Christian Mission agency which helps the poor. She made her television debut as a TV presenter, hosting The Race Against Cancer. Emma Rigby is involved in a host of other charitable entities such as AidCamps International helping to renovate schools in the village of Bambui, the Breast Cancer Care’s Pink Ribbonwalk, and has raised money for Northern Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.


I think Emma Rigby was a very good choice to play the Red Queen. She has a solid background, a promising film career and if she can sizzle even half as much as Lana Parrilla does as Once Upon a Time’s Evil Queen in residence, she will do very well in Once Upon a Time In Wonderland.



Official English Trailer For The Physician, With Emma Rigby


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